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Adult Programs at CrossRoads 

Mental fitness allows an increase in mental acuity, as well as a sense of freedom from stresses and anxiety in daily life.

Improper nutrition, smoking, drinking, and medications all have an adverse affect on brain processing. Exposure to environmental pollutants for long periods of time can cause sluggish functioning, which in turn can hamper motivation and can interfere with life's daily stresses and demands.

The Crossroads' programs enhance brain performance much the same as exercising keeps the body in healthy condition.

In order to create a solid mental fitness program we use an integrative approach and identify how the brain is functioning as a whole, as well as identify how the health of the body may be impacting the brain. 

We specialize in evaluations for clients who wish to maintain peak cognitive abilities. We also specialize in services for clients who know their abilities are not what they once were.

Adult Programs

Cognitive flexibility and memory become increasingly important as we live longer and experience stress and additional demands in life and work.

Around the age of 40 many adults begin to experience a loss in sharpness and memory ability. At this age certain areas of brain function and processing begin to slow down, just as the overall metabolic rate in the body slows down.

Our neurocognitive abilities and memory can also suffer due to illness, injury, or traumatic brain injury (TBI).

In addition, if individuals feel they are not living up to expectations or cannot meet the stress and challenges in daily life with ease, depression is common. 

For those who choose to use addictive substances (cigarettes, alcohol, street drugs, or medications) or follow an addictive lifestyle, this deterioration can be compounded and accelerated.

Our Adult Programs focus on these issues in order to improve brain processing skills.

Our Adult Brain WorkOut™ program focuses on enhancing mental fitness, which promotes memory, attention, relaxation, and peak performance, while decreasing stress and anxiety.

Our BrainRecovery™ programs work to re-balance the brain for those with head injury, addictive behaviors, or severe depression. This program focuses on regaining cognitive function in order to break the relapse cycles in substance abuse and/or return brain function to its original abilities prior to head injury.
The NeuroGeniSys evaluation identifies loss of function or missing stages of development that may hinder performance into adulthood.
The neurocognitive evaluation takes a "snapshot" of each individual's present abilities and indicates areas of the brain that need to be retrained or enhanced. 

Our integrated approach utilizes qEEG brain mapping, a neuro-development evaluation and a cognitive abilities assessment to screen issues such as:dementia, short term memory loss, head trauma, depressions, addictions, ADD, stress and anxiety. This comprehensive evaluation also helps to identify whether the issue is physiological or psychological in nature.

If the problem is physiological we can recommend licensed specialists who can investigate nutritional factors or toxicity caused by medication and/or environmental pollutants.

We believe the health of the brain can not be separated from health of the body...that both interact together and to ignore one is to limit the success of the other. 

Client Profiles:

Substance Abuse - Addictions - Head Injury (TBI) - Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) - Anger Management - Memory - Learning/Comprehension - IQ - Stress - Depression - Anxiety - Focus - Attention - Adult ADD/ADHD