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Details of Brain WorkOut

When considering brain-based challenges such as adult ADD/ADHD, memory issues, depression, and anxiety, we believe solutions must be designed to fit the condition and lifestyle of each individual.  

Our customized programs use a unique 5-prong approach to achieve effective brain re-training and fine-tuning.

  1. NeuroCognitive Function
  2. NeuroDevelopment and Memory
  3. Health Issues
  4. Skill Abilities
  5. Personality 

Brain WorkOut uses the latest brain-based technologies to re-train and develop the brain using exercises targeted to identified compromised brain areas. These programs include various modalities, such as computer-based neuro-therapy, biofeedback, cognitive development and acceleration, memory enhancements, relaxation techniques, stress management and more.  During these sessions, brain activity is constantly monitored to fine-tune your progress every step of the way.

Our results speak for themselves! 

attention graph
We have a 96% success rate with our adult clients who have graduated from our program. Their issues range from attention and focus to multi-tasking and keeping their mental edge. They not only become symptom-free, but also can be appropriately (with M.D. approval) weaned off their medications to become medication-free. Our clients have found these results to be lasting.

 memory graph
 Memory is an issue for many of our clients. Recalling information such as names and places is difficult and multi-tasking becomes more of an effort. We have a 93% success rate with clients who graduates from our Brain WorkOut programs. All have found significant improvement with short-term memory, working memory and recall.

 cognitive graph
Cognitive abilities can be adversely affected by the stressful lives we lead or addictive habits we may form. For those who have impacted their health and brain through alcohol and drugs, the repercussions are significant. Reasoning, judgment and the ability to think through cause and effect are diminished to the point that many recovering addicts have the reasoning abilities of an 8 or 9 year old. Our results show our clients do not relapse within the 1st year with an 85% success rate. Our programs for head injury, memory issues, depression and addictions have a great deal of success in overcoming these issues while allowing the brain to heal and function at full potential.