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Golf Max

Golf to the Max!

Teach your brain to reach its optimal peak for your putting game!
GolfMax is a scientifically proven new method to improve golf performance and enhance the putting game.
This technique is a perfect blend of science and real life application...which generates......
Lasting Results!

How does it work?

During training each golfer receives neurofeedback during putting practice.
Feedback is delivered to the golfer until he or she reaches his/her personal optimal mindset.
Each program is individualized for maximum effectiveness.


  • 91% reliability.
  • Overall improvement better when compared to non-feedback condition. 
  • Get your head in the game!
  • Losing by even 1 putt is too much if your optimal potential isn't being reached.
  • Individualized assessments determine each golfers personal best through an EEG profile.
  • During sessions EEG is recorded to determine success vs. failure during putting.
  • Improve your putting average
  • Improve putting distance accuracy
  • Optimal brain states for each golfer
  • Neurofeedback for putting excellence