Dr. Curtis Cripe - Author

Curtis Cripe, PhD, has a distinguished track record in behavioral medicine and neuro-engineering and has published articles in a
number of professional journals. In 2006, he authored “Effective Use of LENS Unit as an Adjunct to Cognitive Neuro- Developmental Training” in the Journal of Neurotherapy. Curtis Cripe examined three distinct case studies in which training in the
use of the Low Energy Neurofeedback System (LENS), in conjunction with neuro-developmental exercises, decreased clinical treatment time for patients with conditions such as autistic spectrum disorder and pervasive developmental disorder. Curtis Cripe
also established the innovative Crossroads Institute to treat children with developmental disorders, such as autism, and adults with a variety of psychological problems, utilizing behavioral medicine. To that end, he led an integrated development, cognitiverehabilitation, and neurotherapy-training program, networked across seven states, which aided 10,000 families. In addition, he frequently lectures at professional conferences worldwide. Curtis Cripe also has a background in aerospace engineering. He worked with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in the 1970s as a senior systems engineer and was involved in designing pioneering space missions to planets from Mars to Uranus. His professional endeavors continue in the area of neuro-engineering.