Dr. Curtis Cripe- Behavioral Medicine

A neuroengineer and certified neurotherapy instructor specializing in behavioral medicine, Curtis Cripe currently works at NTLGroup, Inc., of Scottsdale, Arizona. Curtis Cripe possesses experience and education in a diverse array of fields, including engineering, software development, and psychology. Cripe has participated in many deep space scientific missions, particularly during his time as a senior systems engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. During the late 1970s, he worked on teams that produced mankind’s first probings of the Solar System, including the first landing on Mars. He also managed software projects for Defense Department contracts at TRW, Inc. When not working or traveling the world, Cripe devotes considerable attention to cultivating plants. In order to adapt to Arizona’s arid climate, he took up hydroponics, a form of water-based indoor agriculture. Hespecializes in heirloom vegetables and is interested in preserving the heritage of these non-hybridized varieties. A lifetime memberof the Golden Key International Honor Society, Cripe earned a master’s degree and doctorate in health psychology and behavioralmedicine at North Central University. He has also completed graduate coursework at the University of California, Los Angeles andSaybrook Institute.