Dr. Curtis Cripe - Brain Development Expert

A brain development expert and published research author, Curtis Cripe currently practices neuroengineering at NTL Group, a company located in a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. Curtis Cripe entered the field of behavioral medicine after a successful engineering career in which he helped orchestrate the first Mars landing at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and managed software development for Defense Department projects. Cripe’s accomplishments in the behavioral medicine field include the creation of Crossroads Institute, an organization that helps family members who have suffered brain injuries or face learning disabilities. He has also developed neurotherapy programs designed to nurture brain development in young people who are developmentally delayed and help injured adults recover brain function. Outside of work, Cripe enjoys hydroponic gardening and beekeeping, an interest he developed alongside his wife. These hobbies have provided him with excellent heirloom vegetables and honey. Cripe holds a PhD and a master’s degree in health psychology and behavioral medicine from NorthCentral University. He also earned a master’s degree in engineering and a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from California State Polytechnic University.