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Behavior Outburst Difficulty Focusing in School - Case Study

B.E. entered into the program as a bright young lady at age 10-years.

On the surface she seemed to be above average, but was unsure.

Reports from her parents and teachers at school indicated that her grades were average to above average, but she would break into angry rebellious fits.... lashing out at her parents and family. She was brought into the program because these spells were now occurring with her teachers, as well.

The anger spells were getting her into trouble not only at home but also at school.

She was not making friends at school and she felt everyone was making fun of her.

Whenever she was presented any form of adversity, her first response was tears, then lashing out at whomever was around. She could not withstand any form of emotional pressure.

The initial evaluation reveled that B.E.'s auditory and visual input sensory regulation systems had not completed a vital maturational stage, thus making her stress sensitive and unable to control her emotional regulation abilities.

Within 6 weeks after starting the program the anger spells stopped.

Within 4 months she was able to exit the program with the ability to regulate her emotions. In addition, as a bonus, increased her grades and IQ scores from 119 points to 146 points. Her maturity, self confidence, and emotional drive enabled her to make straight A’s and new friends.


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