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Childrens' Programs 

At CrossRoads we provide treatment options for children and teenagers with a variety of issues. Children and teens who enter our program start with a very thorough, objective-based evaluation that measures brain performance and function, as well as development and processing abilities. Our NeuroGeneSys evaluation allows us to assess over 293 dimensions of brain activity.

Our integrated approach utilizes qEEG brain mapping, a neuro-development evaluation, and a cognitive abilities assessment. This comprehensive approach helps to identify whether the issue is physiological or psychological in nature.

If bio-markers indicate medical issues, we refer to a team of medical professionals who can further investigate medical problems or mental issues. We believe the only worthwhile approach is a complete and integrated one.

We believe the health of the brain can not be separated from the health of the body. Both interact together and to ignore one is to limit the success of the other.

Our programs range from 12 to 36 weeks, with some more complex issues taking longer. Upon graduation of our programs, clients are symptom free and 98% are medication free.