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Brain Max Academic Overview

At Crossroads Institute our goal is to raise a child’s learning ability one academic grade level each 3-month quarter in the program.  

We assess the child’s development from a neuro-biological (brain function) perspective as well as from a skills set (functional..what the child can do at what level) standpoint.

We design an individualized program that creates a desire to learn within each child based on their current ability and ultimate academic potential.

We focus on developing and advancing the child’s neurodevelopment, which in turn allows academic progression.

Unlike typical classroom settings, we do not keep plugging away at a skill set until we get “lucky”.  And we do not move on to the next skill set level until the previous one is mastered with confidence.  We also do not “back down” on the level of expectations only to boost self-esteem.

At Crossroads Institute we focus on the following target areas:
  • Reading: decoding/phonics and comprehension
  • Writing: handwriting skills involving fine motor ability and motor planning, and creative writing skills with regard to cognition.
  • Speaking and Communication: articulation, intonation, expression, and pragmatics.
  • Mathematics
  • Spelling
  • Reasoning
  • Character Development/Personality
  • Organizational Skills Training
  • Study Habits
  • Learning Styles
  • Time Management Skills
  • Goal Setting
  • Memory Development
  • Note Taking
  • Test Taking
  • Stress Management
We break-down each of these target areas into progressive steps - from the basics - to advanced levels.  We use our neurodevelopment and skill set assessments to determine where to start in each target area. In other words, we determine where the child is currently on the spectrum. 

We utilize the child’s multiple intelligences to determine their specific learning styles.  Using this information we individualize an academic program that will result in mastery of learning and ultimately advanced learning.