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Brainy Arcade Details

We choose not to generalize a single point of view as we find it limits how we solve the problem.

There is an overwhelming increase in the number of children faced with perceived and real neurobiological-based dysfunctions. This has resulted in an estimated 5-15% of our nation's children being placed on medications for a variety of learning, mood and behavioral issues. Those medications come with labels for our children...and this separates these children from their peers.

When a child is identified as having a "brain-based issue" such as ADD, Autism, or a learning disability (LD) they often get caught in the label and are not allowed to go beyond it. They are referred to as ADD, Autistic, or LD. However, you rarely find a parent or peer referring to an individual as a Cold, or Flu, or Broken Leg. From a neurodevelopment point of view it can be seen as an underdeveloped part of the nervous system, or what we call a developmental delay, based upon lack of maturity of the different functional brain systems.

Crossroads Institute's BrainyArcade program looks at these "labels" as developmental delays. Our program assists in determining how the brain receives, stores, processes and expresses information. From this we can establish recommendations and solution to overcome these developmental delay issues.

The BrainyArcade™ program is a 12-14 week, intense, cognitive enhancement training program that balances and enhances brain-processing skills. The tailor-made programs for each individual focuses on learning, IQ development, and social maturity skills, with emphasis on overcoming ADD/HD, dyslexia, reading comprehension, math and other learning challenges.

Unlike programs that can take 12-18 months or more, the BrainyArcade™ program makes very significant, measurable changes in only 12 to 14 weeks, with most individuals seeing significant improvements within the first 3 to 4 weeks.

Our results show an increase in overall performance of:
1. IQ
21.0 PTS.
2. Thinking
19.0 PTS.
3. Cognitive
23.3 PTS.
4. Learning24.0 PTS.
5. Recall
37.8 PTS.
6. Memory
29.0 PTS.