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BrainyArcade Results

At Crossroads Institute we approach the situation from various points of view. We look at each child as a complete individual, not just the sum of their parts, and ask the question:

"Where is the child on the spectrum and where do they want to end up?"

typical spectrum

Our accepted challenge becomes, "How do we unlock each child's potential and un-inhibit his or her functional brain system?"

Our results speak for themselves. We have a 96-98% success rate with attention and focus for our clients who graduate from our BrainyArcade program. They become not only symptom-free, but also become medication-free 98% of the time. Our clients have found these results to be lasting.



Attention chart 2008

Our clients who experience learning disabilities and memory recall challenges find an equal amount of success in overcoming their issues and catching up or going beyond their peer group.



memory chart 2008

Cognitive abilities and maturation of development can have negative effects on children and adolescents. This can manifest in behavioral and socially inappropriate actions and can also effect reasoning and judgment. Our programs have a great deal of success overcoming these issues and allowing the brain to mature and function at age appropriate levels.



emotion chart