What You Get When You Choose a Crossroads Program

  • 30+ Years of hands-on clinical experience
  • We have treated over 20,000 individuals
  • One of the most experienced teams of healthcare professionals
  • Our clinical team has over 150 years of combined expertise
  • Over 25,000 brain maps procedures performed to date
  • Our programs are short term - with a 98% success rate
  • All programs are successful without the use of medications
  • Average IQ scores increase by 15.8 IQ points
  • One of the most cost effective & clinically sound programs in the industry
  • One of the highest levels of insurance reimbursement in the industry
  • We use Neuro-Imaging measures to determine brain function
  • Our brain maps look at over 293 domains of brain processing
  • We address the brain at the neuro-circuit level
  • Each brain map is analyzed by multiple, independent experts
  • We use an integrated approach to brain function and brain ability remediation
  • We use an integrated brain development/injury approach
  • Our programs are tailored to meet specific brain needs


So, Who Are We?

Every person has untapped potential - 

We are a team of health care professionals, specializing in brain based issues, who believe in an integrated approach to balancing the brain and making it work.

To do this we are a team of specialist who approach your brain with a neuro-bio-psycho-social model of healing. This means we look at your brain function from all possible aspects to determine what is needed ... and then find ways to fix it. We don't believe in using medications to just reduce the symptoms, or in trying to 'talk you out' of your problems. We believe in old-fashioned healing practices that work.

Our team of top professional experts in the field include: neurologists, electro-physiologists, speech pathologists, neuro physiologists, neuro developmentalists, physiotherapists, and licensed pychotherapists, who are all looking at your brain to see what it needs in order to help fix or improve any brain processing issues found.

Our teams' treatment approach is to help overcome measured, evidence-based brain processing issues. We do this, first, by gaining measurable, objective, evidence-based insights into how your brain is functioning. Then we create a treatment program based on proven solutions to help reach full potential... without the use of medication. Our goal is to fix the problem at the root cause level, not just mask the symptoms.

Using the latest EEG Neuro-Imaging techniques, we provide one of the most comprehensive analysis available, which is designed to determine why and where the brain is not functioning properly, as well as determine the brain's many strengths. We use our NeuroGeniSys Procedure™, a proprietary method that assesses 293 dimensions of brain activity, including intellectual and cognitive abilities, brain processing speed and regulation, emotional abilities, attention and concentration abilities, and the overall neuro-function and neuro-development status. Our goal is to identify the underlying issues that have created the dysfunction, which brings you to us.

Our in-depth, comprehensive, Report of Findings developed by our team of professionals recommends the appropriate individualized brain-training treatment program. Each program is tailored for each individual and targets specific imbalances in order to return to proper neuro-function.




Selected Case Studies

100 Students Learning Results... 100 cases with learning issues ... in four months ....an Average IQ score increase of 15.8 points .... C's went to B's and A's and behavior normalized....

ADD ... more

Autism BJ started the program as classic child on the spectrum, IQ of 67... 3 years later John Hopkins University has selected him as a candidate for scholarship ..... more.

Behavior Outburst Difficulty in school at home and school ... B.E. entered into the program ..... more .