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Attention in Learning

The ability to attend and stay on task is critical to our ability to function within society.
Without it our world appears disorganized and chaotic.
For children, adolescents and young adults, the inability to pay attention and stay on task
while learning new skills and information can be frustrating......It can also be frustrating for parents and teachers of students.

If the child/adolescent senses this frustration within their parents and teachers,
coupled with their own frustrations they may lose motivation, become aggressive or feel hopeless.

At Crossroads Institute we have found that the inability to pay attention and learn efficiently 
is a function of how well the brain and its supporting nervous system are performing.
Our approach consists of assessing the child's neurodevelopment through the NeuroGeniSys Procedure,  in order to determine the child's developmental age (which often differs from chronological age). 
Next we assess the child's attending skills.

When we measure attention we consider five primary factors:
  • Ability to focus
  • Ability to sustain focus
  • Ability to alternate or coordinate attention
  • Ability to discriminate
  • Ability to divide attention to include multiple thoughts.

With these measures intact, learning becomes a natural skill.
Our assessment examines the child's attention and learning activity as it occurs and how the child discriminates and processes auditory vs. visual information.

Based on the NeuroGeniSys Assessment and Report of Findings , we recommend the appropriate 
program for the client. This may be within our BrainyArcade program, 1-2-3 Grow program or BrainMax program. 

Individuals are placed in programs designed to break up neuro-inhibitors in feedback pathways, which then promote volitional, autonomic and expressive responses.
The lab activities consists of computer assisted programs that exercise the neuro-motor pathways, which promote the development of attention and learning systems. 
In addition, neurocognitive and neurodevelopment activities are implemented to assist in the maturation of the brain.

We may recommend a home training program that supports the lab sessions by strengthening the attention 
and "learning" neuro-pathways.

The Crossroads Institute offers several programs that will aid the child, adolescent, teen, parent, teacher and therapist. These include learning strategies, study skills, organizational skills, accelerated learning tools, 
and behavioral management techniques that help create a pleasurable environment for all involved.