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Neurocognitive Evaluation

When we look at primary human expressions from a neuro-cognitive point of view, we can categorize these expressions into primary neuro-cognitive functions.

These basic functions influence our awareness, perceptions and expressions in life. Within these functional groups are many interrelated neurodevelopmental underpinnings required for proper execution and expression.

Our NeuroGeniSys Process and Procedure measure over 293 different dimensions of brain activity as it relates to ability to learn, concentrate, control emotions and regulate responses.

Depending upon what has been blocked and how the information has been filtered will result in our perceptions or distortions of life. These are experienced as learning difficulties, social inadequacies, under achievement and distorted realities which reflect in personality quirks.

The data collected from the assessments is evaluated by our team of professions (neurologist, electophysiologist, neuro-physiologist, neuro-developmentalist and licensed psychotherapist) and summarized into a customized Crossroads NeuroFunction Profile and Report of Findings.

The analysis and recommendations are used as a guide for programs, protocols, activities and therapists targeted to each client's specific needs.

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